Cantimer's first commercial products will be a family of devices that address hydration measurement and monitoring needs across the spectrum from individual consumer use to professional delivery of care. The Company plans to introduce two basic device configurations - one with a reusable sensor for use with or by a single individual, and a second in which the hydration sensor is incorporated into a single-use disposable that is distinct and separate from the hand-held reader itself.

The former configuration will be a personal hydration monitoring device, small enough to be taken anywhere. Measurements, taken from a tiny drop of saliva, will be available to the user in about a minute.

The latter configuration, to be released following the completion of additional clinical studies, will be for use by caregivers in multi-patient settings such as hospitals, geriatricians' offices, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, pediatricians' offices etc.

A saliva sample collection tube. The Cantimer PHMS prototype. The Cantimer multi-user prototype.

Cantimerís devices are not currently commercially available and prototype devices are intended for investigational use only. They have not been cleared for human clinical diagnostic or prognostic use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).