Finite stockpiles of therapeutic agents are being built to counteract various bio-terror agents. A typical stockpile may be a few million doses. There is therefore a pressing need for the development of objective methods for determining who should be treated with a scarce therapeutic agent in the event of a sudden attack. The principle of “test to treat” is that a real-time point-of-care diagnostic will detect the bio-terror agent in a body fluid and those testing positive will then be treated. To be useful, the diagnostic test will have to deliver sensitive and specific results in less than 30 minutes.

Bio-defense officials are actively encouraging development of rapid, convenient, point-of-care diagnostics to provide “test to treat” information. Cantimer's platform is a candidate for this application. In addition, beyond the development of diagnostic tests, Cantimer's sensor technology may also be applied to the development of early-warning pathogen or chemical detection systems.

Cantimer welcomes enquiries regarding its platform and/or potential new applications. If you are interested in licensing the technology or partnering with Cantimer in the development of sensors or devices for proprietary assays, please contact:

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Chief Technology Officer
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