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What can be quickly and conveniently measured can be swiftly acted upon…


Cantimer is a privately-held company that is developing applications for a patented sensor technology platform that is based upon a unique convergence of micro -electromechanical systems (MEMS) and advanced polymer chemistry.

The elegance of the Company's approach enables the development of miniaturized detection and measurement systems that are simple, sensitive, rapid and low cost. No expensive optical systems, elaborate micro-fluidics or sophisticated electronic components are required.

“Proof of concept” experiments have demonstrated the potential of Cantimer's technology for quantitative detection and measurement of a broad range of targets, including viruses, proteins, electrolytes, analytes such as glucose, ethanol and urea, volatile organic compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and gases such as hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen fluoride. Potential fields of application include such large and growing markets as life science research, bio-defense, environmental monitoring, point-of-care diagnostics and consumer health.

Cantimer's initial focus is on the prevention of dehydration-related conditions among “at-risk” populations that include infants and the very young, the elderly, athletes, firefighters, military personnel and those suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma. The Company's first product will be a simple, pocket-sized device for non-invasive measurement and monitoring of changes in hydration status.

If you are interested in Cantimer's technology for the development of sensors or devices for other applications, please contact:

Ray Stewart, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
(650) 566-0800 x302

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